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January 2016

     Plastic Card Enterprise Ltd.  holds on with successful complementation of  EMV card approval process and has got a first MasterCard Worldwide certification for  dual interface MChip Advance based Pectoral chip module product of its own development.

The Product Pectoral D n-MCHIP Advance DS f136 v1.1 is realized on Chip  SLE77CLFX1367P (ICCN0161) with Flash memory size 136 kB and is based on native OS v.5.5 with MCADDS v 1.1. applet. It is compliant with all of the latest specifications of  MasterCard Worldwide. Letter of Approval


“PLASTIC CARD ENTERPRISE (HONG KONG)” Ltd is a partner of “Plastic Card Enterprise” Ltd, Ukraine. “Plastic Card Enterprise (Hong Kong)” Ltd is a software development company that provides solutions for smart cards (GSM, EMV, Loyalty etc).

“Plastic Card Enterprise” Ltd Ukraine manufactures all types of plastic cards for various purposes including Visa, MasterCard, EMV and GSM cards.

1301 Bank of America Tower Suite 791
12 Harcourt Road
Central Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3589 3037
Fax: +852 2115 9818

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